noral cast iron grill pan round

After I spent very long time in cast iron business I’ve decided to produce a classic round pan, a piece of our tradition. As our aim was to produce the pan from cast iron we had to find a solution against the scratching and sticking, so we have created different kind of coats. But we could’nt get what we’ve wanted and also with these coats the pans culdn’t be washed in washmashines. We could also use enamel coats like the others and we could produce it for less but we didn’t. We’ve wasted many pans while we try to find the best one but finally we’ve produced this magnificent first glass coated pan.

Our pan is the largest and heaviest among the cast iron pans with it’s 30 cm. size and 4,350 gr. weight. A light cast iron pan is just an ordinary pan. Not every “so called” cast iron pan is made of cast iron. They can be made of aluminium and intensive metal plate.

On this pan you can cook any type of grills up to 3-4 portions. You can clean this or our other products with wire wool, wash them with cold or hot water. It’s not necessary to immediately dry them, you can just wash them and let them dry. No other operation is necessary. While you’re cooking you can use metal spoons, metal forks, metal tongs or even blades on our products. With all these specialities our products are unprecedented.

As our pans spread the heat you can cook brilliant dishes even on low heat. According to us these pans are a must in all kitchens. We suggest these pans generally for grilled meat, chicken leg and chicken wings but you should definitely try to roast bread on them for your breakfast. The depth is 4 cm., so the spattering of fatty meats won’t be a problem for you anymore. But they are also deep enough for you to turn the grilled food easily and watch comfortably the cooking process.


Diameter : 30 cm.
Depth : 4 cm.
Weight : 4.350 g.