noral cast iron square maxipan

This 25cm*25cm square pan is one of our optimal products. It’s similar to our classic Parillapan but differs. The depth of this pan is higher and side height is 5 cm, besides the grill lines are deeper. We’ve produced this pan with a great coating (GLASS).

Our pan is the largest and heaviest among the cast iron pans with it’s size and 3,850 gr. weight. A light cast iron pan is just an ordinary pan. Not every “so called” cast iron pan is made of cast iron. They can be made of aluminium and intensive metal plate.

On this pan you can cook any type of grills up to 2-4 portions. With its high sides no oil will splash outside the pan. It’s good to cook and seal steaks and roast beafs. Grills on coal flames have a cancerogenic risk because of the smoke and the quality of the coal. With our product you can grill indoor and have healthy and delicious food. You can clean this or our other products with wire wool, wash them with cold or hot water. It’s not necessary to immediately dry them, you can just wash them and let them dry. No other operation is necessary. While you’re cooking you can use metal spoons, metal forks, metal tongs or even blades on our products. With all these specialities our products are unprecedented.

As our pans spread the heat you can cook brilliant dishes even on low heat. According to us these pans are a must in all kitchens.


Diameter : 25cm*25cm
Depth : 5 cm.
Weight : 3,850 g.