noral güveç döküm tencere

Our Stew pan model, which is an important element in many world cuisines. The design has a diameter of 26 cm and a depth of 10 cm. By distributing the heat equally on the surface, it makes it possible to prepare long-cooked recipes in low heat and enhances the taste. The cap and the handles are also made of cast Iron, which increases the effectiveness of the cooking process from every surface. The weight of the cast iron cap provides high endurance against the stream and keeps the stream inside. The handles are manufactured as mono blocks, which don’t have any screws or connection parts that might contact on the food, get loose or displace. We have done numerous trials and experiments with the aim of creating an unscratchable non-sticky surface. After ruining hundreds of pans on trials, we have come up with the ultimate surface cover that is more healthy and durable than any other substitute products: our special GLASS COVER.

Our pan can be cleaned in any conditions with any type of cleaning tool, including the metal scouring pads. It does not require any process after washing. You are also free to use any metal equipment during cooking, since the surface cannot ever be scratched. It is a patented invention and does not have any equivalent through the world.


Diameter : 26 cm.
Depth : 10 cm.