“NORAL” branded cast iron cookware is trusted for its superior performance, lasting quality and design. Thank you for choosing Noral branded cookware. Please read this leaflet before using your new product for the first time. It will help you care for your product and achieve the best cooking results.

Noral Quality

omur_boyu_cizilmezNoral has been making premium quality glass coated cast iron cookware with its secret content specific to the brand since its foundation in Istanbul in 1925. Although the manufacturing process has evolved, the secret recipe of ingredients remains the same.Each peace of cast iron ishand crafted and made from an individual sand mould and this makes it unique. Molten iron is poured into the moulds, then coated with scratch and crack resistant toughened glass and fired at extremely high temperatures to create a vibrant and durable finish. Because a number of the manufacturing processes rely on manual skills, each piece has its own individuality and slight variations in finish may occur. The quality of manufactured products is directly proportionate to its weight. Glass coated cast iron is a remarkable and robust Material that is well suited to modern food preparation and cooking. Whether you stir-fry or use it in oven, sear a steak or bake a cake or bread you’ll find a Noral branded product that is suitable.

Noral branded products can be used reliably with any heat source, including induction and with any oven or grill (excluding microwaves). Efficient heat retention and equal spread of heat to the pan base provided by its weight can be used to its advantage by allowing lower settings to be used for stovetop and oven cooking. Besides this will give extra flavor to the baked foods. At the table, a hot covered dish will keep food hot for second servings. A chilled cast iron dish can also be used to keep cold foods cold. It can also be placed in the freezer.

Every piece of cookware is manually inspected several times during manufacture to ensure the strictest quality standards are maintained. None of the products contain any material bad for health. Noral branded products a strong and durable structure through the secret content of glass coating and thus they prevent corrosion.It’s impossible to scratch them and they are non stick cookware.It’s completely harmless if you want to use metal or hard materials while cooking.All the glass-coated products of Noral conform to current international standards.

The Ranges

Noral offers a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit your cooking styles and serving requirements. Within the rages there are two finishes for the interior vitreous glass coating: light-coloured glossy glass coating and satin black glass oating. The general instructions given below apply to the satin black glass coated products. For more information about the full range of products as well as recipe suggestions.

Cast Iron User Guide

Before first use remove all packaging and labels. Wash the product in hot soapy water, rins and dry thoroughly. Your product is now ready to use and doesn’t require any other preparation to start cooking.

Noral branded cast iron cookwarescan be used with all heat sources (excluding microwaves).

Always match the product base size to the stovetop heat zone to maximise efficiency and prevent overheating of the pan sides or damage to the handles. Gas flames must always be confined to the base area and never extend up around the Sidewalls of the pan. Long handles should be positioned safely so they do not overhang the front of your stovetop or over other heat zones.

Oven use: Products with integral cast iron handles can be used at any oven use temperature. For best results always place the product on a shelf or rack.

Satin black glass coating can be found on skillets, grills, frying pans, sauté pans, woks, tagines and some casseroles. Satin black glass coated products has been especially designed for higher “surface” temperature cooking, which is not the same as simply using a piece on a high heat setting. With cast iron, higher surface temperatures can be achieved by allowing any piece to heat through evenly on a medium setting. This is what makes the satin black interior ideal for frying, grilling and searing. The best results will be achieved on medium and low heat settings, lowering the heat further once the correct surface temperature or oil temperature is achieved. High heates will cause overheating and sticking, particularly of delicate mixtures made with eggs.

Cooking Tips for Grilling

griddPre-heating an empty pan is specific to grills where you aim to get a hot surface temperature for searing or caramelisation. This advice does not apply to any other products. For correct grilling and searing, it’s very important that the cooking surface is sufficiently hot before cooking begins.

Place the empty pan on a medium heat and allow it to heat for several minutes.Do not add oil to the cold pan otherwise, as the pan heats, the oil may become too hot and smoke. Take a few drops of water on your fingers and scatter these over the hot surface. If they sizzle and evaporate almost immadiately is hot and ready for use. If not, heat the pan for a little longer and repeat the water test again. When the surface is hot enough, for distinct sear lines, leave the food undisturbed on the surface. Due to the speciality of glass coating the food will not stick to the pan, so do not add oil to get a better flavour, besides it will be healthier. Leave the food on the surface for 6-8-10 minutes to get your meat rare-medium-well done cooked. If the food is moved too quickly the sear lines will be poor and steam from the food may be released on the surface.

Cooking Tips For Shallow Frying And Sautéingwok

For frying and sautéing, the aim is to get the oil or fat hot before adding food, so bring the pan and oil or fat up to temperature together.

The oil or fat covering the surface is hot enough when it has either, for oil, a gentle ripple in its surface, or for butter and other fats, a bubbling or foaming across the surface.

Tools to Use

Metal tools, spoons or balloon whisks may be used risk-free. The speciality of glass coating is that none of these products can scratch it. Hand held electric or battery beaters may also be used. To cut foods inside a pan, knives or utensils with sharp edges may used without causing any problems.


Cast iron handles or knobs will become hot during stovetop as well as oven use. Use a dry thick cloth or oven mitts for lifting these at all times.

Cleaning & Care

Always cool the hot pan for a few minutes before washing. When possible, just rinse the pan in hot water and wipe over the surface with a damp cloth. For more thorough washing, use hot soapy water, then rinse and dry thoroughly. To remove tubborn and sticky residues, fill the warm pan with warm water and leave to soak for 15-20 mins. Then wash, rinse and dry in the usual way. A washing up brush can be useful to remove small food deposits or for cleaning between the ribs on grills. Scourers or abrasive cleaners may be used without causing any problems. Exterior marks, such as burnt on fat deposits, can be scoured using a scouring pad or wire wool.


All products can be washed in dishwasher.

Glass Lids

Noral offers a range of different sized glass lids for frying and sauté pans. Please visit our website for more information.

Thank you for choosing us and we hope you will enjoy using your Noral glass coated cast iron cookware for many years.


Noral is proud of the workmanship in its products and guarantees its glass coated cast iron cookware from the date ot purchase, for the lifetime of the original owner, whether a self purchase or received as gift.

What does the guarantee cover?

If the product is out of order it will be replaced free of charge, by a similar product or one of equivalent value if the product is no longer in production. Replacement with the same colour of cookware can’t be guaranteed.

The lifetime guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.