What temperature should the heater be on while cooking?

  • First of all you have to heat up the pan on medium heat. After you place the food on the pan you should reduce the heat. As the heat will equally spread to the whole surface, it provides perfect cooking for meals High heats are not recommended. If you want to cook in high temperatures you should easily increase the heat to avoid the thermal shock of meals.

Are Noral branded products non-stick?

  • As Noral branded products are coated with glass you don’t need to use oil before you start cooking. You can place the food on the pan and then turn it to cook the other face.

What shall I do after I bought a Noral branded product?

  • Wash it with warm water and you can use it. No other process is needed.

Why there’s brown spots on the bottom of the pan?

  • This happens because of the long cooking time. But you can even clean up these spots. After scrubbing them your product will shine again like its first day.

How shall I clean up Noral products?

  • You can scrub them with wire wool, wire brush or any kind of tool in hot or cold water. It won’t be scratched.

What shall I use to protect my product from scratching?

  • As our products are coated with glass you can use any kind of tool and material, so anything you want.

Why are Noral pans so heavy?

  • All Noral products are made with high quality cost iron and cost iron is naturally heavy and heaviness of cost iron has a direct impact over the flouver of your food.
  • NNoral products absorbs the heat coming from the heat source and they’re designed to get equal cooking degree from all points of the pans.
  • When cooking methods are used correctly, it does not only produce wonderful flavors and tastes, but also protects nutritional values in your meal.
  • These heavy products with closed lids on the table will continue to protect the heat of food for a second serving.

Why Cast Iron?

  • DCast Iron conserves the heat for a longtime and can reach equal cooking degree from all points.
  • You can cook delicious grills and foods with cast iron.
  • It’s a great solution for creation of taste and professionals.
  • Cast iron is 100% recyclable as an environment-friendly material.