Product Features

recyclable cast iron

%100 recyclable cast iron

All of the products by Noral are made of cast Iron. Cast Iron is a type of alloy, which is obtained by adding Carbon, Sulphur, Phosphor and Sillisium to Iron ore in high temperatures. Cast Iron is an environmental-friendly material that is 100% recyclable..

Due to the material’s characteristic that has a quick heating time and a long heat-holding time, our products consume less energy than other substitute products.

Noral Cast products do not contain any substance that would be a risk for human health at all. Via its special glass-based cover, it avoids the contact of the food with the iron. This cover is so durable that it does not get scratched in any circumstances, and thus prevents bacteria forming.

Unlike other cast and non-stick Teflon pans, our products do not contain any cancerous substance. Yet it avoids the forming of any cancerous substance by avoiding the direct contact of fire on food, as in BBQ in grills.


The products are covered by a lifetime warranty in any condition. Any product with defect will be replaced by a new one or a similar model.(in case of that model is no longer in production)

Noral Products are extremely durable. They can be used in contact with any tool and material and are also dish-washable. Since the surface never gets scratched or deformed, the food never sticks on the pan.

Due to the characteristic of cast iron, which distributes the heat equally on surface, the meat is cooked equally well in every part. Because of the high heat-holding time of cast iron, the temperature can be preserved in low heat, which also keeps the food warm during pre-serving time.

All of our products are produced in our own factory with special care.