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cast iron production

We are NORAL. Our head office located in İstanbul / TURKEY. We are producing glass coated cast iron cookwares (First in the World). We use patented glass coating technology in our products (G-Lasting). Produce cast iron products at a giant production facility of 65.000 m2 located in Turkey. Producing the most product in the world in a variety of ways. Besides, we also have our unique patented coating which is the first and only in the world and which is not available in any other manufacturer. In addition to our patented unique special coating material G-Lasting, we also offer our enamel coating as an option.

our products

our cast iron products

We are serving our customers with both finished product and subcontracted products due to our high quality of products and competitive prices as well as our proximity to many points of the world. We are looking for distributors & business partners (subcontracted products) from all around the World.