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cast iron production

After our researches about cast iron since 2001 we’ve found out that the food cooked in cookware made of cast iron are healthy and delicious.

After our researches about cookware made of cast iron we have produced our classic models: GRILLAN, PARILLAN and WOK. But cast iron has one negative side which is the rust issue: The contact of the material with water and air creates rust and this has a bad and unhealthy impact on food cooked within this cookware. That’s why we’ve tried to find a solution to this problem and cut this contact of the cast iron with water and air. As we can deal with the protection of the nutritive value of foods we could also find a way to do that.


our products

our cast iron products

First, as the other producers in the world we’ve used enamel. But enamel causes another problem: scratches. And these scratches create rust and also bacteria. Even the wipe is another issue. You can’t put an enameled pan in a washmashine because the pressure of the water and detergents scratch the surface of the pan. Son we had to find such a thin which is impossible to scratch, can be washed anywhere and healthy. Besides it shouldn’t need any oil to seal a meat. It should be natural in both ways: heath and taste. According to these thoughts and everlasting researchs we have found out our GLASS COATED cast iron and we have its patent. In all over the world we are the one who has coated the cast iron cookware with %100 GLASS. This glass coating answers to all of our worries and in this way NORAL branded products make it possible to cook in nonstick, impossible to scratch and healthy cookware. You’ll use them for a lifetime and even your grandchilds can make food with them. Besides our products are heavier then the other cast iron pans in the market. The heaviness has a negative impact only on production cost, otherwise it’s obviously positive for flavor and energy saving. As the glass gets black after being cooked in high temperature our products are classic black. With this color the product will be natural. To get a pan in any other colors it should be added absolutely chemical stuff in the material. So the product will lose its naturality. And we all know the everlasting results of additional chemical colors and even the food colorings.

In 2015 we have gained our corporate identity. With our trademark “NORAL” and our tradename “ Mage Tasarım Ve Endüstriyel İmalat San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.” we continue to produce and increased the number of our models.

We’ll continue our handmade-boutique style production without sacrificing quality and reducing the production costs. If you have a Noral branded product you can be sure that this pan is a handmade product and not fabricated. So each one of our products has a significant difference from the others and that makes them unique. We have 12 models created according to the cooking styles of Turkish families. So make sure that they are not copied of American style pans like the other cast iron producers do. The shapes and sizes of our products are designed to make the cooking and servicing processes easier.

cast iron production

now produced cast iron

Thank you for choosing Noral branded cookware. To be a conscious customer is good for ourselves and also our country. Please read this leaflet before using your new product for the first time.It will help you care for your product and achieve the best cooking results